My opinion about open knowledge

Every time I did my research as an university student, I had problems with getting access to some journal articles. As I know, universities pay for students to read journal archives through private online journal archive companies. I found that this is very uncomfortable. However, I thought that this is quite fair because researchers put a lot of efforts to their works. Their works should be protected and reserved. However, I never thought that our money, some of taxes we pay, funds their research. This means that their researched works, in some ways, should be shared with publics. It is a great policy that researchers have certain periods of their works reserved and publish their works to publics later. But what about people who need to have latest research to widen their knowledge? I think that those researchers funded by goverments should publish their works so that public can share since it will make our society more intelligent and more knowlegable. I think that this is fair since researchers funded by governments, not by private companies should have innocent purpose of doing research for their society. Making profit should not be their primary goal. Government, too, should restrict private companies having journal archives reserved and asking public for money to get access to researched works funded by publics.


Review of EDCI 339 1st week of Feb

   This week, we learned about copyrights of posting materials on the web. Materials protected by copyrights can be literatures, songs, and computer programs which are creative. However, each country has different standards to judge the violation of copyrights, so a person should follow the law of his/her country.

  Creators should be paid by whoever uses the contents of their materials. This is called economic rights. Creators have a right to make money from their creative works. However, if the creator wants his/her material to be unexclusive, then users just need to have permission from the creator or to write sources so that others know the material comes from the creator. However, there is also another right called moral rights. If creators find that their works are not used as their purpose, for example, in a negative way. Creators have a right to ask users to take their works down from the users’ posting sites. In Canada, a person’s copyrights last long until the person dies plus fifty years. But, if a creator assigns his copyrights to someone, the person assigned copyrights by the creator can have royalty even after the creator dies. By contrast, in the U.S., copyrights last long until the creator dies plus seventy years.

    Users have rights to use creative works by others if they use the works for private purpose, but not for commercial purpose. This is called “fair dealing”. It can be a purpose of research, criticism, or review of books. In class uses, the sources have to be cited. Also, posting online is prohibited. Anything that can be commercial uses is prohibited.

    Copyrights seem to be easy to follow, but users have to be careful when using someone else’s creative works since it can be commercial for users evern if they think it is not. We learned about copyrights, therefore, can respect how to use others’ works.

Besides the copyrights, audicity tutorial was very useful. I learned how to make a video with windows movie maker. Audicity is very similar to the movie maker, but I think that I can work easier with audicity than with the movie maker. Or if I use both programs together, that would be very easy to make a complete fine video.

Review of EDCI 339 from 18th to 24th

This week, we learned about video conference session planning with our guest lecturer, Gordon Booth. Video conference planning is way more complicated than I thought. It needs everything to be well checked before practicing actual VC; a condition of video and audio should be examined. As well, it needs a back-up plan in case of emergency. Other than just VC, it could have tools and resources such as document camera and interactive whiteboards. As Mr. Booth explained on the VC, a lecturer can prepare his/her materials that should be addressed to students on the interactive whiteboards or other tools, and then the lecturer and students can interact through the tools which build students higher understanding. Not just giving a lecture, but also peer-to-peer can be made through VC. With careful preparation, video conference actually can give a lot of information to people and have interaction with people who participate in it.

Review of EDCI 339 from 11th to 17th and more…

I had a lot of new experiences learning about delivery methods and tools. Since this is my first time taking an online course, I feel awkward to learn by this sort of way. After I set up Skype, I had a call from my friend. Quality of the phone was quite impressive. It was very hard to get used to online learning since people are still used to being educated face to face. However, online learning has been developed now a lot more than in the past. I can ask my professor questions about the lecture on the Moodle; people even ask the same question I have ahead of me. Yet, I have some trouble understanding many things about online delievery methods due to lack of my knowledge about the field. I think that the blended learning is the best way for people like me. Taking lectures face to face these days leaves me curious with questions such as “why should we pay so much money for buying expensive textbooks even though professors use slides as their teaching methods”. I guess that this is not just my problem because students in the video Dr. Irvine uploaded on EDCI 339’s Blog criticize problems of students at school; sometimes, students have to waste their money and time when taking a lecture. There is a prblem that some of information on the web such as web 2.0 is not reliable, but people take benefits by discovering a lot more information through web 2.0. I got an account on twitter and followed blogs I am interested in. I could find so many interesting articles through those blogs. I would like to learn more about online delivery methods so that my knowledge can expand.

coffee art video

I uploaded my videoclips just as Dr. Irvine illustrated on the EDCI339’s Blog. Thank you so much for teaching how to upload video clips without paying a penny. I also would love everyone who sees this to go to Youtube to find more video clips of mine. Type “Coffee Art (Mirage Coffee) Scott Bahng” on the search bar.

Welcome to my coffee world! Enjoy the scent of coffee♥

Smile for a good day!